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1.  Punning Vocational College, China   Date of Expiry:  Endless

2.  Qujing Normal University, China   Date of Expiry:  6th  December 2016

3.  Guangxi Technology and Science Normal University, China   Date of Expiry:  8th  September 2015


1.  Aichi University of Education, Japan   Date of Expiry:  Automatic Extension Every 5 years

2. Sister University accord on academic exchange between 6 universities in Kansai, Japan and

    41 Rajabhat Institutes in Thailand    Date of Expiry:  Endless

1.  Taiwan Shofu University, Taiwan      Date of Expiry:  March 2016

2.  Tung Fang Institutes of Technology, Taiwan   Date of Expiry:  Endless

3.  National Taiwan University, Taiwan   Date of Expiry:  Annually Automatic Extension

4.  Lunghwa University of Science and Technology, Taiwan   Date of Expiry:  20th March 2017

1.  Champasack University, Laos      Date of Expiry:  17th October 2017

2.  Savannakhet University of Lao People Democratic Republic     Date of Expiry:  3rd March 2016

1.  Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia     Date of Expiry:  3rd July 2017

2.  UCSI University, Malaysia     Date of Expiry:  2nd July 2017

1. Pannasastra University of Cambodia at Siem Reap, Cambodia  Date of Expiry: February 2018

1.  Baria - Vungtau Teacher Training College, Vietnam     Date of Expiry: 17th February 2021

2.  Can Tho University of Technology, Vietnam        Date of Expiry: Automatic Extension every 5 years.

1.  The Open University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong     Date of Expiry:  Endless

1.  Edith Cowan University, Australia     Date of Expiry:  Endless

2.  The Graduate School of Education, The University of Queensland Australia, Australia

     Date of Expiry:  Endless

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